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Keys to Success

  1. Respect the learning environment. The time you spend in class each day is your best opportunity to grasp new concepts, get a head start on your homework, and ask questions. Be sure to maximize this time!
  2. Take an interest in the subject matter. The more connections you can make with the material you study, the easier it will be to motivate yourself.
  3. Keep an agenda. It is crucial that you keep track of upcoming deadlines in all subjects and manage your time accordingly.
  4. Keep an organized set of notes.
  5. Take initiative. Sometimes this will mean asking questions when you are having difficulties. Sometimes it will mean finding the appropriate resources in order to answer the question yourself.
  6. Complete HOMEWORK daily to ensure that you determine what you know and do not know about the day’s lesson. The next day you will be able to reinforce your understanding or ask for clarification as homework is taken up.
  7. Limit your outside commitments. Understand that you are not superhuman. Try to limit your part time job to 15 hours per week, if possible. Do not take on more than you can possibly juggle during the year.
  8. Maintain your character. Emotional intelligence is far more important than academic intelligence in determining your success in life. Be honest with your teachers and your parents, and respect your fellow students’ right to learn in the classroom at all times.
  9. Have fun!!! Start each day with a positive attitude, and remember to find time to play.